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Fatigue Management for Administrators and Supervisors

Course by: Fleet Safety International

SKU: DRV939000


Employee fatigue is a major factor behind on-the-job accidents, absenteeism, and lowered productivity. Tired managers and employees cost you money.

Lack of sleep leads to drowsiness during the daytime, which leads to decreased motor performance, cognitive performance, and reaction time. It can also lead to 'microsleep,' where employees fall asleep for a second or two during the day without even realizing it. 

This program is designed specifically to assist organizational leaders better understand fatigue, how it affects their employees, and evaluate their own organization for fatigue dangers.

Course Outline

  • Understanding the cost of driving drowsy
  • Fatigue and the law
  • Defining fatigue
  • Understanding sleep
  • Recognizing fatigue
  • Fatigue strategies
  • Your responsibilities
Course Details
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