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Powered Mobile Equipment (PME) Documents


PME Practical Evaluation Documents

How to perform a practical evaluation (PDF)

Skid Steer, practical evaluation checklist

Wheel Loader/ Front End Loader, practical evaluation checklist

Our accredited certification level machinery courses provide the best quality training on the market today. They exceed all CSA and OHS standards for all provinces across Canada so your workers are covered no matter where they are working. Our courses can contribute to a higher COR audit score than you would receive with outsourced classroom options because with our blended courses the in-house practical evaluation / competence assessment is specifically performed and documented by you, the employer. This ensures your people are evaluated on the same machines they use in the manner they use them. In-house practical evaluations better equip supervisors and safety personnel to assess operator competence on a daily basis, with documentation that your company and supervisors have completed their due diligence in confirming each operator’s machine-specific competence.