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Why Choose Us

  • Our machinery courses are Accredited Certification Courses that exceed all CSA and OHS standards for all provinces across Canada.   
  • Our courses contribute to a higher COR audit score than you would receive with outsourced third party classroom options. 
  • Our courses better protect your employees, supervisors and company than outsourced third party classroom options. 
  • Our courses will save you time, money and hassles that come with dated classroom training. 
  • Our training is cutting edge and provides the best machinery safety certification available on the market today. Enabling career development and growth for employees 
  • Our personalized service is simply the best. With us, support for the online platform, course content questions or any other needs is just a phone call away for you or your employees.

Summa courses have some big advantages over classroom courses and will save you time, money and scheduling hassles. Your safety administration staff will love how much easier it is to assign, schedule and monitor compared to classroom courses. Our higher production quality courses also meet standards for all provinces across Canada so your workers are covered no matter where they are working. Our courses can contribute to a higher COR audit score than you would receive with outsourced classroom options because, with our blended courses, supervisors and safety personnel are better equipped to assess operator competence on a daily basis. In house practical evaluations ensure your people are evaluated on the same machines they use, in the manner they use them.  

Our Heavy Equipment courses (Forklift, Telehandler, Elevating Work Platforms, Skid Steer and Wheel Loader) are only $89.99 per person and the online theory/exam training portion generally takes only 3 hrs to complete. In comparison to an all day classroom course the savings of our courses quickly add up.  

Our courses are created and presented by Daren Findling, a National Construction Safety Officer with a wealth of experience. Daren worked for many years on large feature films as a special effects coordinator setting up stunts/pyrotechnics and other mechanical effects, extensively using and supervising use of all forms of powered mobile equipment in that role. He then transitioned into the role of camera operator on multiple films and TV series, eventually becoming an award winning director. Daren later took a position as a film instructor at NAIT before shifting to teaching powered mobile equipment certification courses for a traditional classroom style company after receiving his NCSO designation. With Daren’s heavy equipment and film/video experience, combined with adult education and safety training expertise, he was perfectly positioned to create the best online certification courses on the market. The courses took our team of video and animation specialists over a year and a half to develop. Nothing else on the market comes anywhere close to the premium training Summa courses offer.  

To watch a short video trailer of one of our courses click here COURSE VIDEO TRAILER