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Ladder and Scaffold Certification

Course by: Danatec Educational Services

SKU: SAF940200


As commonly used as they are, many people overlook the hazards of using ladders and scaffolds. This training is designed to provide learners with the knowledge and skills to safely set up, erect, use, inspect, and maintain, both ladders and scaffolds. This training was built based on the requirements of two CSA Standards:
  • CAN3-Z11-M81 Portable Ladders, and 
  • CAN/CSA-Z797-18 Code of practice for access scaffold.
Following the completion of this course, you will also receive access to Danatec’s Ladder and Scaffold Practical Evaluation Form and process guide. To achieve full certification, a qualified individual can use this tool to assess and evaluate the learner's ability to inspect, set up, and use, both ladders and scaffolds.

Course Outline

This eLearning has been built into six logical modules:
  1. Managing Ladder and Scaffold Hazards
  2. Equipment Selection
  3. Ladder Inspections
  4. Scaffold Inspections
  5. Ladder and Scaffold Safety
  6. Fall Protection & Rescue
After all the modules are completed, you will have to take a final exam. You must achieve a score of at least 75% to successfully complete this eLearning and receive certification. You will have a maximum of three attempts to pass the final exam. 
Course Details
4 hours
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